Tình Yêu Ấm Áp - Warm Love 2017 8/36 HD1080p LT

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    Diễn Viên :
    Jiang Kai Tong
    Warm Love - Ronald Zhai
    Ronald Zhai
    Qian Jie
    Fingal Fu
    Chen Lin Sheng

    Huo Zhi, who grew up in an orphanage, happens to save the rich heir Jiang Cun when he gets into a car accident. Jiang Cun falls in love at first sight with his savior and tries to pursue her. However, he mistakenly pursues her twin sister Qin Ying Su instead. When Huo Zhi and Ying Su meet and recognize each other, Ying Su pleads her sister to pretend to be her for a while, so that she can treat an illness in secret. Huo Zhi agrees and enters the Jiang household, however, an accident happens and she loses her memory. Thereupon, Huo Zhi turns into her old naive and simple self. Jiang Cun is happy about her character changement and becomes more considerate and loving towards his wife, but what will happen when he discovers the secret?

    Tap 1: https://subyshare.com/2i813lxuad7g
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    HD1080p MKV:
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    Tap 7: https://subyshare.com/31wct8fge84b
    Tap 8:https://subyshare.com/m5qrbjhay29g
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