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    Title: The Best Meeting
    Chinese Title: 最好的遇见 / Zui Hao De Yu Jian
    Broadcast Network: Shandong TV
    Broadcast Website: iQiYi
    Cast :
    Ming Dao as Liu Huo
    Ying Er as Mao Yaya
    Ray Ma Tianyu as Xiang Hui
    Zhang Xiwen as Shu Hua
    Tian Niu as Xue Dongna
    Li Jing as Mao Xilin
    Kenneth Tsang Kong as An Chaer
    Liang Li as Xu Peiwen
    Hao Ping as Tong Jianguo
    Bonnie Wong Man-wai as Lisa
    Qin Mingyue as Luo Xiaoqing
    He Yunwei as Li Xiaobao

    A story about a young woman who gets broken up with and finds love once again. She reaches for the stars and comes to form her own perspective on marriage and in life through her everyday experiences.

    Mao Yaya (Ying Er) is an idealist with strong beliefs in love. Her family has been nagging her to get married so she is shocked when Xiang Hui (Ma Tianyu), her boyfriend of six years, breaks up with her. Refusing to give up so easily, Mao Yaya does everything she can to win Xiang Hui back. She even pleads with him to return by holding up a sign and standing in front of his office. Her bold actions capture the attention of Liu Huo (Ming Dao), a young and handsome architect. He was once deeply hurt when his girlfriend of seven years abandoned him. Since then, he has stopped believing in love, but Yaya's arrival inspired him to change.

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